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Some Tips For Getting Better At Animations

Animation has now become a digital art form and a great source of entertainment for the masses. Nowadays, most of the movies have at least some sort of animation or CGI in the form of visual effects in at least one frame of the movie. Animation is quite an exciting thing to do and if you couple it with your creativity, the end result can be spectacular. There are thousands of animation tools ranging from casual to professional-grade which is great as anyone can now animate a few clips. There are a few upcoming tools as well like CreateStudio that are aimed for advanced users and can be used by professionals and content creators.

The following are a few tips to help you become better at animation.

Design various poses for the character

Most of the animators create a generic character model and use that to animate the various frames and movements of the characters. This is not the right way as it may lead the character to look stiff and have unnatural motion due to that. Animators should create various models related to common posses like walking, running thinking, sitting, etc. and use it as a reference to draw the movement of the characters accordingly.

Keep it simple

If you try to overcomplicate the things by taking up complex expressions and body poses to animate, it will take a lot more time and resources. Even after that, there is no certain guarantee if it will work or not. Make sure that you start off with a simple model and follow a simple animation style for better results.

Animate expression rather than dialogue

Expressions are tough to create but even basic expression along with body language that suits the dialogue can be more effective than spending more time on animating the mouth and lip movement according to the dialogues. Better body language will also make the character look more believable.